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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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Tracking the cursor in Selenium driven Chrome

Selenium changed the coordinate system to be relative to the center of the viewport instead of the top left corner. (522)

Do forgettable work

Don't try to be perfect. Try to be prolific. (62)

As silly as it sounds, system design interviews are about systems and design

It might sound obvious, but system design interviews are about the systems and the design. (335)

Lessons in DDD from building an e-commerce platform

Certain aspects of building an e-commerce platform encourage the same practices that DDD advocates for. (437)

Using robots.txt to discover hidden content

robots.txt might prevent search engines from indexing content, but it can expose it to non-robots (97)

Do what's right

Doing what's right is like a superpower. (189)

When am I "allowed" to quit and not be labeled a quitter?

There comes a point at which continuing with your startup is just falling prey to the sunk cost fallacy. That point is about 4 years in. (630)

Green flags for investable founders

A few things I've seen founders do that made me confident in their ability and dedication (485)

What if I spent exactly two hours on each post

An experiment to limit perfectionism and encourage iteration (159)

A review of the blog in 2023

Looking back at a year where the hope was to do more "serious" blogging (527)


The boy who cried risk

Accurately gauging and mitigating risk is tough work. (620)

CEOs are mandating return to office because they need instant gratification

All measures of productivity indicate that working from home results in a boost. But no one measures the CEOs need for instant gratification. (184)

Not wanting to work remotely is now a competitive advantage

As much as working remotely is a competitive hiring advantage again, not wanting to work remotely is now an advantage for getting hired.A lot of companies are mandating returns ... (76)

BSL is not good, it's great

Not only is BSL a reasonable business model, but it also makes open source a viable career path. (210)

Don't write

Content farms and AI are doing a great job at producing content that is good enough for most people. We don't need more good quality, niche, carefully crafted content. So, don't write. Well, unless... (362)

Lie still in bed

One of the most impactful pieces of advice I ever got was just to lie still in bed. (682)

ChatGPT == Google News?

Just like Google News consumes others' content and profits off of it, so does ChatGPT, only worse. (58)

Situations in which TDD is the way to go

While I'm not a fan of using TDD all the time, here are a few situations where it's quite effective. (206)

Working on legacy code

A few suggestions on how to approach making changes to code that has not been touched in a while and where institutional knowledge might be gone. (730)

Paying for content after you've consumed it

Platforms like Patreon helped content creators switch to full-time. But they bill periodically. Might it be better for content creators if they were paid after the content was consumed? (480)

Github Copilot suggesting links

A look at links that GitHub Copilot suggests. (386)

Remote job sites need a "Timezone overlap" filter

There are lots of fully remote jobs, but most require at least some timezone overlap. (202)

Don't thank Chat GPT

Not only is there no need to thank Chat GPT but it takes tokens for it to get rid of your thanks. (49)

Food Market Hub and Supplybunny Announce Partnership to Empower F&B Businesses

We are excited to announce an official partnership between www.foodmarkethub.com and www.supplybunny.com, two leading platforms in the food procurement industry. (0)

User-Agent: ChatGPT Disallow: *

ChatGPT et. al. are bots and as such should obey `robots.txt`. (29)

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