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Do what's right

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Doing what’s right is so interesting.

It’s so difficult

It’s difficult to be completely honest with yourself when you know what’s right but you don’t want to do it.

It’s often physically more difficult: you’ll have to spend more effort, more time, more money.

But it’s so easy

Even doing the much more difficult thing is made much easier when you know that it’s right.

It’s so rewarding

You feel good about yourself. You feel good about the world. You feel good about the future.

It’s stays right

You don’t second-guess yourself.

But at work, it’s a superpower

Besides the ethical or moral implications, doing the right thing is a superpower at work.

People often don’t do the right thing because it’s not their job. Or because it’s not their fault. Or because no one asked them to.

They don’t do the right thing even though they know it’s the right thing.

But if you see that something is the right thing to do, and you do it despite it not being your job, your fault or having been asked, you’ll be a superhero.