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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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My name is Ognjen, but you can call me Oggy

I make things that run on the web (mostly). I used to work at a consultancy, I freelanced building MVPs and, now, I'm the Technical Co-founder at Supplybunny.com.

I'm thinking about ways to make tech (as in software and the industry) more human-friendly. To that end, I write about product development, ethics, privacy, etc. I also write about interesting technical issues (and solutions) or product ideas I've had.

Feel free to email me at me@ognjen.io to talk shop or just chat.

My stack

I prefer using Rails, Vue and SASS.

But have used (or am curently using) many other things such as:

I also help other companies with tech and product, especially SMEs, as FOREND.digital including:

I also make some (mostly pun-based) graphics.



August 02, 2021

Technical blogging in the era of Stack Overflow

While Stack Overflow does cover the most commonly encountered issues, particularly for beginners, there is still a lot of value in technical blogging for solutions that are the result of experience. (915)

July 31, 2021

Why technical people pay to self-host, but not for your app

General issues that have made me, and others like me, host or build my own solutions instead of paying for an existing service. (526)

July 31, 2021

Don't scan your face to buy glasses

Cubitts, a glasses retailer, announced that they’re going to be using iPhone’s camera to scan faces to assist in buying glasses. I’m interested of the privacy implications of th... (1672)

July 31, 2021

30+ questions to design one input

Questions answered while iterating the design of a single input field. (1517)

July 30, 2021

nit: Put the "why" in front. Here's why.

It immediately makes your article seem like click-bait. (Also, I really dislike it.) (70)

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Supplybunny Live link

Supplies ordering platform for HORECA

In numbers

Buyers Suppliers Monthly GMV Cloud cost
12k 350 6 figures $150


Original version was built over approximately two weeks to include supplier onboarding and product search. It's continuously been improved upon for the past ~4 years to include a very wide range of features comparable to any ecommerce platform.


Rails with nginx and MySQL. Sidekiq runs the queue, redis is for caching, elasticsearch for search. Front-end was originally Backbone.js but has been migrated to Vue. Stats run off MongoDB.

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