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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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My name is Ognjen, but you can call me Oggy

I make things that run on the web (mostly). I used to work at a consultancy, I freelanced building very early stage products and now, I'm the Technical Co-founder at Supplybunny.com. I also freelance tech and product as FOREND.digital

I write about interesting experiences or ideas in development (product or tech), some social impact issues of tech, product ideas and sometimes other things I find interesting such as Formula 1

Please email me at me@ognjen.io to chat, or talk shop, or if you've found something I might be interested in.

I prefer using Rails, Vue and SASS.

But have used (or am curently using) many other things such as:

Besides development, I also do:

I also (have started to) experiment with miscellaneous experiments in visual art and design



June 16, 2021

Why customer service gets worse as a startup grows

I really like the book The Innovators Dilemma by Clayton Christensen. It talks about how over time companies move into higher revenue segments, effectively abandoning the lower ... (1269)

June 16, 2021

The economics of startups in asia

Building a startup in South East Asia is viable. But it comes with an additional set of challenges that startups in Europe and the US do not face.Broadly, these would be social ... (780)

June 15, 2021

nit: About your demo video

A couple of things about what a demo video on the homepage should be like, in my opinion: Reduce pointeless animations A lot of videos go overboard on animations and tra... (140)

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Supplybunny Live link

Supplies ordering platform for HORECA

In numbers

Buyers Suppliers Monthly GMV Cloud cost
12k 350 6 figures $150


Original version was built over approximately two weeks to include supplier onboarding and product search. It's continuously been improved upon for the past ~4 years to include a very wide range of features comparable to any ecommerce platform.


Rails with nginx and MySQL. Sidekiq runs the queue, redis is for caching, elasticsearch for search. Front-end was originally Backbone.js but has been migrated to Vue. Stats run off MongoDB.

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