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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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My name is Ognjen, but you can call me Oggy

I make things that run on the web (mostly). I'm a Staff Software Engineer at Doctolib. Previously I was the technical co-founder at Supplybunny.com. I also worked at a consultancy and I freelanced building very early stage products.

I also wrote a guidebook about the early stages of building a marketplace that is based on my experience working on Supplybunny.

I'm currently not exploring new positions but please do get in touch via email at me@ognjen.io or on LinkedIn just to connect or talk shop.

My stack

I prefer using Rails, Vue and SASS.

But have used (or am curently using) many other things such as:

I also help other companies with tech and product, especially SMEs, as FOREND.digital including:

I also make some (mostly pun-based) graphics.

I'm thinking about ways to make tech (as in software and the industry) more human-friendly. To that end, I write about product development, ethics, privacy, etc. I also write about interesting technical issues (and solutions) or product ideas I've had.

Feel free to email me at me@ognjen.io to talk shop or just chat.



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February 07, 2022

Embedding links in Jekyll

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Supplybunny Live link

Supplies ordering platform for HORECA

In numbers

Buyers Suppliers Monthly GMV Cloud cost
12k 350 6 figures $150


Original version was built over approximately two weeks to include supplier onboarding and product search. It's continuously been improved upon for the past ~4 years to include a very wide range of features comparable to any ecommerce platform.


Rails with nginx and MySQL. Sidekiq runs the queue, redis is for caching, elasticsearch for search. Front-end was originally Backbone.js but has been migrated to Vue. Stats run off MongoDB.

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