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June 16, 2021

The economics of startups in asia

Building a startup in South East Asia is viable. But it comes with an additional set of challenges that startups in Europe and the US do not face.Broadly, these would be social ... (780)

April 20, 2021

Turns out Elastic aren't the bad guys

Elastic changed the licence for ElasticSearch disallowing providing it as a service. A lot of people were upset. My reflex was to join in the outrage but I wanted to better understand the motivation behind this decision. My reflex was to join in the outrage but I wanted to better understand the motivation behind this decision. I also wanted to consider the different arguments against it. I bookmarked the HackerNews threads and came back to them only recently. I tried to strip away the emotion and noise. Following is a summary of the different arguments that helped me form a more nuanced understanding of the situation. (2343)

May 04, 2020

2 (more) signs that your business ideas will fail

Yesterday, an article titled 9 signs that your business idea will probably fail was quite popular on HN.I didn’t completely agree with the justification regarding not being the ... (343)

May 01, 2020

How much competition research is enough?

One of the questions I’m finding the most difficult to answer is: How much competition research is enough? You have to be aware of the market but can’t get paralyzed by it.NoneB... (369)

April 15, 2020

Funding OSS

The topic of funding open-source software comes up relatively often on HackerNews. It’s definitely not solved but very much worth solving. The value OSS creates is immense and i... (669)

April 14, 2020

You can't fork a company

There is so much duplication of work in tech. For a community that touts its efficiency it’s incredible just how inefficient it is as a whole.There is no functional mechanism fo... (696)

April 01, 2020

Usage-based pricing is the way to go

Other pricing strategies often create an adverse relationship. The best example of what happens when you remove the adversity from a relationship is Uber. (485)


December 23, 2019

Why Uber was good for Grab

Uber left the region about a year and a half ago it definitely left a void. Uber was great for for the market and the customers.Uber, however, was good for Grab as well. Here’re... (396)

November 17, 2019

Where ecommerce in SEAsia can improve

The region’s internet penetration and online banking is quite high but the processes around ecommerce are lacking. Here are some things I think need to be improved.Delivery has ... (786)

March 16, 2019

Not all startups are *tech* startups

I’ve had this discussion a couple of times with people who work in a more traditional company. There is a implied equivalence between startups and technology companies. But the ... (381)