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What if I spent exactly two hours on each post

Over the past year, the backlog of things I wanted to write had piled up. But my free time had dwindled.

So, in the interest of being prolific and producing content that I can iterate and learn from, at the start of the year I decided that this year I would not spend more than two hours on any particular blog post.

It didn’t work out as I imagined, since I didn’t have time to write at all, but I did try to make the posts smaller and focused on only one idea and only the words strictly needed to get it across.

Instead, the approach that seems to work better now is to make three passes for each post.

First, to get most of the content written. Second, to edit the content, improve the structure and remove anything that doesn’t support the main idea. Third, and final, to proof-read and improve readability.

We’ll see how that goes.