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BSL is not good, it's great

#licences #opensource

Another day, another project adopted BSL.

Another day, another round of outrage from people harping on the difference between Open Source and open source.

Another day, another inferior fork of a product due to a technicality that has nothing to do with the product itself and that will not impact the vast majority of users.

Another day, another business built on a platform they don’t control with no contingencies should that platform become unavailable.

Is it outrage purely on principle?

Is it really useful to fork a project and have it perpetually limp behind the original but with the one true licence?

Is it genuine surprise that re-packaging a product that belongs to someone else might not be viable long-term and needs contingency planning?

I don’t know.

I do know, however, that BSL is not good. It’s great.

It’s helping keep open source projects alive and providing a way for its creators to move from being just “indie open source devs” to successful business owners.

New open source software is probably being made right now, specifically because if it becomes popular the creator knows they might make a business out of it.

BSL makes open source a viable career path.

What’s not to like? What’s there to be outraged about?