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Github Copilot suggesting links


A potentially very useful but probably unintended and unpolished feature of GitHub Copilot is that it can suggest related links. That is, if you paste a link, then on a new line type https:// and wait for a second, Copilot often suggests a link or two. The results, at the moment, aren’t great.

Here are some examples that are representative of my experience so far.


It seems to work well for Amazon links some (~30%) of the time.


StackOverflow recommendations only look correct. For example:

The link looks convincing, and the issue is kind of similar. But not really.

Besides, the slug at the end of the URL is made-up.

I’ve noticed this on more than one occasion: it generates a valid link, but changes the slug to make it look like it’s more related than it is.


Another one:

Copilot seems to know the structure of HackerNews links, but does not know any of the content. And since the links do not have a slug, there’s nothing it can use.

The Guardian

I expected The Guardian links to work well because they have the entire title in the slug, but, alas, no.

Another one:


I definitely expected it to work excellently with Wikipedia, but it’s slightly worse than Amazon.

Another one:

This site

The video exists, but I don’t understand why Copilot might consider it related.

Another example:

I’m fine with that. Really.