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Remote job sites need a "Timezone overlap" filter

#interface #product

There are plenty of remote jobs out there, but nearly all require you to be be “within n hours” of a timezone. (n often seems to be 2).

But I have not come across a remote job site that has a filter that supports this.

Most allow you to choose your timezone and then filter jobs by it. It doesn’t even seem that they allow employers to select more than one timezone. In any case, neither is good enough.

Selecting a timezone assumes that I’m only willing to work standard working hours. I, and probably many others, would work stranger hours for a fully-remote job.

For instance, I’d have no problem working from 6am to 2pm.

The job sites need to ask the employers for their timezone and how much of an overlap in working hours they require.

That would then be displayed as a working hours range in a localized timezone for the job-seekers. Something like:

Working hours: 6am - 2pm (UTC-3)


Working hours: between 4am - 2pm (UTC-3)

Then, they can ask the job-seekers to set a range of working hours they’re willing to have or make it a part of their filters.