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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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Don't be clever, be clear

Using plain language, in writing and product, makes it easier to parse, understand and use. (454)

Poll: How anxious are you before an interview?

I posted a poll on HackerNews asking that question. Some interesting responses. (264)

Reason 44141 for net neutrality: ISP hijacking DNS unresolved pages

And serving ads instead. (39)

Some basic interviewing tips

Never having interviewed in my life, I learnt a few things when looking for a new job last year. (318)

Users are prudent

Believing the misconception that a customer has decided not to use your product because they're lazy is only hurting you. (245)

MIT NO-AI license

MIT license that excludes use as sample data for machine learning (417)

NoCode doesn't abstract code away enough

For NoCode solutions to be effective, coding concepts need to be entirely removed. (473)

Software that abstracts away a skill

Removing the need to know the underlying concepts and making familiarity with the software a desirable skill in itself (579)

A review of the blog in 2022

Looking back at one year of more "serious" blogging (590)


Editing the source markdown of a generated static site in the browser

from generated html pages in Chrome using the File System Access API (1361)

Don't forget, .org sucks

It isn't a regulated TLD, anyone can register one. (112)

US gov website informing users how to tell legitimate gov websites

Not only should more websites do this, but there should be a public awareness campaign with this information. (70)

A comment on HackerNews regarding post-pandemic consolidation

Several industries have grown beyond what the regular market can support and will have key players consolidate. (113)

Embedding links in Jekyll

A partial and a script for quickly fetching open graph data and embedding it in a Jekyll page (355)

We will never sell your data

Unless... (214)

XKCD#936-like Password generator

An experiment to generate long but easy to remember passwords, partially inspired by XKCD #936 (155)

Answer HN: Does your team use feature flags?

My answer to an Ask HN. Yes, particularly for features that are still too complex and for features that deal with money. (136)

What is an NFT really?

Notes on figuring out what NFTs really are. (470)

Replacing Google Analytics with just GoAccess

GoAccess, a log analysis tool, is a perfect replacement for Google Analytics resulting in more accurate (and private)analytics, particularly for smaller sites. (1042)

Answer HN: Mistakes working with small local clients?

TL;DR: The Hacker News answers present ways to protect yourself. Here, I address mistakes you might make when working with smaller companies. (422)

Big tech should help tackle misinformation on smaller platforms

Big tech is in focus and being held somewhat responsible for fighting misinformation. But what about smaller platforms? And how can big tech help? (1230)

Answer HN: Why do so many developers seem hostile to their users these days?

My answer to an Ask HN. TL;DR: For money. (66)

A review of the blog in 2021

Looking back at one year of more "serious" blogging (1039)


Automatically creating plural models in Rails

At times it's more readable to use the plural of a model instead of singular. For instance Products.for_indexing instead of Product.for_indexing. This can be accomplished through a simple initializer that creates the plural model automatically. (315)

Answer HN: How do you manage direct updates to databases in a production system?

My answer to an Ask HN. Use the db-updates-as-code for your framework, make the system fudgeable and have an audit log. (118)

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