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Poll: How anxious are you before an interview?

#anxiety #hackernews #interviewing

From the HackerNews poll:

Given the spike in interviewing questions, I’m curious to know: how anxious are you before an interview? To qualify the choices a bit:

Not at all - I feel confident and not worried about the prospect of failure.

A little - I’m fairly confident. Maybe the good kind of anxious.

Quite - I don’t know how well I’ll do and I’m worried about failing. I might not sleep that well or wake up very early.

Very - Very anxious, possibly with physical symptoms like nausea.

It’s only been a few minutes but the responses varied a lot:

I used to be, I faced a tough job search at one point and got over it. I am almost dangerously introverted but I’ve learned how to charge myself up so I can outperform almost all extroverts for a short period of time, then I go back to my lair to recharge.

PaulHoule’s very useful advice for introverts

I should have spent a little less time hoping I got the job, and a little more time reminding myself that I am wanting to find out if they are a good employer

– a good point by rossdavidh

Sometimes the interview is interesting…https://youtu.be/Uo3cL4nrGOk


Not at all. Miss one bus, catch the next one. There’s far more demand for engineers than the current supply. I don’t see it being any different in the forceable future


I’ll update this post tomorrow if there’s any further traction.