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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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The Marketplace Guide
A collection of lessons for the early stages of building a marketplace startup.


Quick rundown of barcodes and marker systems

A summary of other machine-readable codes and their purposes (1090)

Functional model pattern

Similar to the actor model pattern, the functional model pattern creates multiple models that operate on the same table. But instead of focusing on the user type that primarily accesses it, it focuses on the functionality required. It works well for different stages of a base model. (685)

Fingerprinting without JS: telling a user's OS using type-faces

A brilliant technique to (almost) determine a user's OS by testing whether CSS has OS-specific built-in font families. (331)

Ruby String::negative

A way to calculate the "negative" of a string to be able to sort an array of objects in alphabetic order of one field but reverse alphabetic order of another. (372)

Introducing TheMarketplace.Guide

A collection of lessons based on my experience in Supplybunny (202)

Lists of things I notice in software

When software is polite, when a link is needlessly small and when the best and brightest have errors in prod. (205)

QR codes suck for document verification

They give the impression of authenticity, but the current implementations are bad. (1238)

Why are we expected to train Google's NN for free?

TL;DR You aren't, but spam is real, and a good alternative doesn't exist at the moment. (848)

Shit you can get away with when you're in a dominant market position

A provider that has no comparable competition is the perfect example of why competition is not only good but necessary. (663)

Generating a PDF from a Jekyll post using `pandoc`

An improvement over using `jekyll-pdf` or `wkhtmltopdf` (637)

Reason 14242 for net neutrality and SSL

Hijacking blocking notifications and DNS unresolved errors (57)

Hilarious emoji requests

Some emojis that (un)fortunately didn't make the cut. (219)

Technical blogging in the era of Stack Overflow

While Stack Overflow does cover the most commonly encountered issues, particularly for beginners, there is still a lot of value in technical blogging for solutions that are the result of experience. (965)

Why technical people pay to self-host, but not for your app

General issues that have made me, and others like me, host or build my own solutions instead of paying for an existing service. (526)

Don't scan your face to buy glasses

Cubitts, a glasses retailer, announced that they’re going to be using iPhone’s camera to scan faces to assist in buying glasses. I’m interested of the privacy implications of th... (1709)

30+ questions to design one input

Questions answered while iterating the design of a single input field. (1517)

nit: Don't forget to exclude bot traffic from Google Analytics

Otherwise it skews your stats. And while you're at it remove `fbclid` from query parameters. (101)

nit: Put the "why" in front. Here's why.

It immediately makes your article seem like click-bait. (Also, I really dislike it.) (70)

Automatically generating Github-like og:images in Jekyll

Github has automatically generated social media images for each repository. Here is how to do the same think for Jekyll posts. (1407)

How to facilitate remote work better

Thinking through working remotely to be able to facilitate it better in future. (2445)

Accessing time in CSS without JavaScript

Using server side language or configuration (762)

The father of the computer tried summoning the devil

Granted, he was ten. (430)

What institutional sexism looks like in tech

“Institutional sexism” is an abstract concept for many of us. It’s often difficult to put into words.This post appeared on my LinkedIn feed on 8th of March this year. The poster... (813)

nit: You should be able to paste a URL in the YouTube search bar

And it should directly open the video. (63)

Dell XPS 9570 amber/orange light blinking

It might be the CMOS. (156)

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