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Hilarious emoji requests

The Unicode Consortium has a public list of emoji proposal and what stage of the process they’re in. Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make the cut:

  • Cutlet - I support this proposal
  • Drop of pee - I struggle to see a scenario where this would be needed
  • Gender Gap Fill - a worthy cause, although I struggle to see how this would be represented as an emoji
  • Healthy Poo - the current poo is has no medical indicators, I agree
  • Intestines - OK, but why?
  • Possibly Bird - I guess this is possibly a bird and possibly a rabbit
  • Object related - I guess someone wanted to start adding UML symbols to emojis?
  • Stegosaurus - I completely agree. The current dinosaur selection is incomplete. It’s a shame that it expired because it had a good chance of being approved because triceratops was accepted.
  • Viking / Horned Helmet
  • Winking with thermometer - 🤔

Also fun are the overly specific emoji requests, such as “Pandeiro” because “Drum” just doesn’t convey the same thing.

Here is the full list.

I found this because I was looking for instructions on how to submit a proposal for a new emoji. Unfortunately, they only accept proposals till 31 Aug so I’ll have to wait till next year.