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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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A collection of lessons for the early stages of building a marketplace startup.

Affiliate Site

Product comparison site monetized through affiliate marketing

In numbers

Monthly uniques Yearly orders Yearly Cost
12-15k ~15k <$100


Very plain. It runs on Rails and MySQL. For speed and SEO no frontend JS is employed.


Maintenance is entirely automated. It continuously picks up new products, generates sitemaps, cleans up logs, stale cache, etc.


Not needed. The site is fully automated at the moment. Some improvements could be done. I used it extensively to test SEO strategies, performance improvements and accessibility.

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March 09, 2021

Overriding rails_amp image helper to cater for lazy-loaded images

I make use of the rails_amp gem in the affiliate site. It generates AMP from normal views.One of it’s features is automatically converting the image_tag into the AMP compatible ... (254)

August 03, 2019

Getting that 1-0-0 SEO score on Lighthouse

In the normal course of work ran a Lighthouse audit on Supplybunny. Not awful, but could definitely be better: I think a 6.5/10.The SEO score is impacted by the fact that robots... (411)

Further details


It makes use of the rails_amp gem to automatically convert pages to AMP format. More work is required on this.


A big challenge was performance given limited resources. I did several passes optimizing queries in order to be as efficient as possible down to sorting by id rather then created_at. Several things were also eventually denormalized in order to avoid joins etc.

Crawl and ingestion

The site uses a two pronged approach to generating content: first it ingests a datafeed from an affiliate network. After that in order to generate more useful content it crawls making use of mechanize to gather more information.

The link building creates a repository of nearly two million links from approximately 600k products.