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Getting that 1-0-0 SEO score on Lighthouse

In the normal course of work ran a Lighthouse audit on Supplybunny. Not awful, but could definitely be better: I think a 6.5/10.

Supplybunny 1 Lighthouse audit

The SEO score is impacted by the fact that robots.txt blocks bots by default as described in this issue, but I think it’d be in the higher nineties. 99% on the tap targets. Quite happy with that all in all.

Performance at the moment is the Achilles’ heel and am actively working on that when time permits. An incoming release should help with first paints and critical path rendering.

The accessibility I admit I’m disappointed by and will pay more attention to in the future.

Best practices are minor issues that should be simple to resolve when I get the chance.

I also ran it for one of my side projects that relies 100% on SEO for traffic. There’d been a spike recently and was interested in knowing how it was doing. I was quite happy to find that it passed the SEO audit with a perfect 100, a score I haven’t seen before on any of my projects and at the moment don’t remember seeing in the wild either.

Lighthouse 100 score for SEO

The performance is not great but that’s mostly do with not using a CDN and not caching resources and given that this app serves a decent amount of traffic on the $10 DigitalOcean droplet, I”m quite happy with that.

Out of curiosity I then checked a few other sites.

Here’s Formula1.com:

Formula 1 Lighthouse audit

99! Almost there! Tap targets are the death of the 100. The design of the site is great but it’s heavy on images and animation and that takes the toll on performance.

Here’s Lazada:

Lazada 1 Lighthouse audit

Great performance, really like that. That’s the sort of level I’m aiming for for Supplybunny

For SEO the tap targets as usual are the main culprit.

Here’s Foodpanda:

Food Panda 1 Lighthouse audit

Tap targets of course, and some less than ideal lazy loading and caching.

A nice little ego boost, even if a bit silly.

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