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Examples of software being polite

2 examples

1. Polite software is interested in me

It asks for information to personalize the experience. (264)

0 examples

2. Polite software is deferential to me

It does not make decisions on the users behalf. (188)

2 examples

3. Polite sofware is forthcoming

It shows the user all the relevant information that pertains to their current task. (278)

4 examples

4. Polite sofware has common sense

It has common sense similar to a person. (294)

6 examples

5. Polite software anticipates my needs

It often guesses correctly what the user is going to do next. (436)

1 examples

6. Polite software is responsive

It gives the user an output or a confirmation of input quickly. (200)

0 examples

7. Polite software is taciturn about it's personal problems

It does not make excuses about why a technical failure has occured. (149)

3 examples

8. Polite software is well informed

It has information that is useful to the user beyond what the user enters themselves. (259)

1 examples

9. Polite software is perceptive

It notices slight changes in input or repetiveness. (120)

0 examples

10. Polite software is self-confident

It nows what it does and that it's correct and accurately conveys that to the user. (67)

0 examples

11. Polite software stays focused

It provides context but is zoomed into the specific task at hand and it removes other distractions. (111)

3 examples

12. Polite software is fudgeable

It has ways to bypass its own restrictions and validations. (311)

2 examples

13. Polite software provides instant gratification

It does so by clearly and quickly indicating the success and outcome of the action performed. (191)

1 examples

14. Polite software is trustworthy

It produces the correct results and stores them appropriately. (139)