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Ognjen Regoje
But you can call me Oggy

I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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Embedding links in Jekyll

A partial and a script for quickly fetching open graph data and embedding it in a Jekyll page (355)

Markdown front matter snippet for VSCode

Simple"frontmatter": { "scope": "markdown", "prefix": "frontmatter", "body": [ "---", "title: ${TM_FILENAME/(.*)\\..+$/$1/}", "desc: '${1}'", "created_at: ${CURRE... (359)

Simple related posts for Jekyll

When looking up Jekyll related posts patterns I found a few automated approaches: Use the related_posts that’s built in The docs for related_posts indicate that it shoul... (699)

Generate JSON files in Jekyll

I must admin I got nerd sniped by this question on Reddit asking how to generate JSON in Jekyll but I’m happy to say that it’s actually relatively simple.Here’re the steps with ... (416)

Excluding content from a Jekyll post

There's a more complete version of this post. Since I’ve restructured my blog to effectively publish the files that are my notes at the same time I’ve realized that somet... (220)

How to run your own link shortener on Jekyll

I wanted to have the ability to use short links to external resources. I also wanted to be able to change the targets of the links.I suppose that it would have been possible wit... (440)

Jekyll Combining an External Folder into Posts

There's a more complete version of this post. I use markdown to take notes. Previously, I wanted make a link to that folder and publish only some of those notes using Jek... (1179)

Publishing a linked folder in Jekyll

There's a more complete version of this post. I use markdown to take notes. I wanted to publish a part of those notes using Jekyll.The obvious way to do this is to just c... (879)

Generate PDF of Jekyll Page

Updated postI strongly suggest you follow the new way instead: Generating PDF from Jekyll using pandoc An improved way of generating ... (284)

Flatten Plugin for Jekyll

I wanted to be able to get a list of categories from a group of posts. That’s easy enough to do using the map liquid filter:{{posts | map: 'categories'}}The result is an array o... (214)

Compact Plugin for Jekyll (where not nil)

I wanted to generate an index of metadata from posts in Jekyll. The field that I wanted to index wasn’t compulsory, it was an additional one that I sometimes set, and sometimes ... (249)

Schedule Jekyll posts using cron and rsync

This is a static site generated using Jekyll. It’s also hosted on one of my servers rather then on Git(Lab/Hub).I deploy it using a rsync to copy the _site directory to the serv... (566)

One line deployment for Jekyll sites

A great way to deploy a Jekyll site using just rsync. First, build (jekyll b) the site locally and then rsync the _site folder:rsync -av -e 'ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_passwordless_rsa' -... (171)