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What do they see in returning to the office?

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Many CEOs and companies are pushing for a return to the office. They can’t all be crazy – they must have some justification.

Remote work increases individual productivity, so what are they trading-off against then?

One argument is serendipity and those spontaneous moments of collective ideation. I doubt it. That’s not something that a CEO would be able to feel.

I think it’s about responsiveness and the instant gratification it brings.

When everyone is in the office, the CEO can get a response to basically any question in 5 minutes.

A CEO can feel that. They can stroll to their VPs office, and interrupt their phone call to ask a question. They get an immediate answer. If the VP doesn’t know, they can saunter over to the director’s office and ask them. In either case, the CEOs gratification is instant.

If people are remote, however, there’s no sauntering to be done.

Does that translate to a better functioning company where alignment on key questions and decisions is quicker? 🤷 And I’d be surprised if anyone had data one way or the other.