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Prototype interviewing process for a remote-first company

#hiring #interviewing


I originally wrote this sometime in 2020 after I had interviewed with a couple of fully remote organizations. My main observation about their interview process was that even though the role was fully remote, there had been no attempt to evaluate my ability to communicate well in writing. It was essentially the same interviews that I’d have had if the role was in person, but over video calls.

After the CV is submitted

Thank you. Your CV will be reviewed, and we will get in touch with you in a couple of days. If we want to proceed with the next phase, we will ask you about three situations where you’ve contributed, and you’ll have to note that this is an estimate, and you don’t have to complete it by then, but you will get an email reminder by then if you haven’t submitted yet.

Note that this page does save drafts, but we do not read them till you’ve submitted them. Feel free to either work here, or in Google Docs or whatever you find most comfortable and then submit it here. You will still be able to update your answers after you’ve submitted them.

STAR of three situations

  1. Situation: what’s the background, the significance of the situation, and potential impacts
  2. Tasks: that they have been given
  3. Actions: that they took
  4. Results: achieved and how they were measured While these can be from any of your jobs or schools, you should prefer examples from more recent ones and more relevant to the position.

Three pieces of code Paste (or recreate in whatever language or pseudocode) three pieces of code you’ve personally written Then explain the situation, why were they good, what alternatives you’ve considered

You can take your time. While there is no limit to how long this form would be open. You’ve 2 days to submit. Just come back to this link. We’ve also emailed it to you.

After you submit this, we might get back to you with specific questions regarding your responses, we might decide that we want to proceed to the next phase, or we might let you know that you might not be suitable for the position.

If we decide that we want to proceed to the next phase, that would be an assignment where you’d have to contribute some code. You will be given the specs, and then asked for an estimate. Based on the salary for this position we’ve decided that an hourly compensation of $50 is appropriate. You will be paid this for completing the assignment regardless of whether you get the job or not. Do let us know if you disagree or would prefer to do something else.

Things that were covered

  • Being able to write well
  • Being able to estimate, and ask for more time when unable to meet estimates
  • Working entirely remotely