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Custom-tailored TODO app

In numbers

Items tracked In development Yearly Cost
~10k ~1 year on and off ~$13


Ooradee is a TODO app that I built to replicate the system I had on paper. It's key feature is different time horizons allowing me to schedule todos on specific dates but also for weeks and months in general. It also has a specialized interface for review helping me track progress on things I'm working on.


It's a PWA on Rails 6 with webpacker and Vue. It's installable on desktop and mobile. It can send notifications to Chrome. It runs ActionCable for background updates.


In progress. It's my testbed for new tech and I've learnt a lot about design from it.

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How to reload the content after the user switches away

In Ooradee, I wanted to have the ability to see updates I made in another window.The correct way to do this is to implement something like ActionCable. I didn’t want to do this ... (394)

Sorting entries by difference to a date

Very useful sort in scenarios where context is tied to a date (437)

Further details

Different time horizons

This is the key feature of Ooradee that I was unable to find on other todo apps and was not able to successfully replicate on paper. It allows me to schedule a todo for “February 2021” and only be reminded of it when that time period comes.


The way items are sorted is the second “killer” features of Ooradee. It does not require (although it supports) manual sorting but instead has a heuristic that sorts items in descending priority. For instance, all starred items go first, but sorted by their category importance.


It simultaneously acts as a log or a journal allowing for retrospectives. It’s easy to find previous items.

Search sort

I’m quite proud of the way the search is sorted and have written about it separately. It was an earlier innovation and it has proven correct (at least for me the entire time).

No users

At the moment it is not for public use (although you’re free to create an account if you wish) so I don’t market it. The todo market is extremely crowded and the value of Ooradee is in helping me be more efficient so I’m perfectly happy if I’m the only user. I work on it only very rarely now and only to add things that I really need.

Future development

The key future development that I’m looking to implement is ActionCable for updating items that have been changed outside of the active window.


It’s cost is less than most other todo apps if my time is excluded.