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Ognjen Regoje
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I make things that run on the web (mostly).
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Fashion discovery

In numbers

Catalog Monthlies Pages/Session Avg. Session
2M+ ~5k ~4 3 mins


2M products across thousands of categories covering 5 countries.


Rails on Vue with interact.js


In progress, part-time

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Collecting user feedback using only your analytics

In the early stages, or for a side project, it’s not worth building an entire system in order to track user feedback. Instead, it can be done quite well by capturing the feedbac... (173)

A/B testing without a backend using only JavaScript and your analytics

It can be done just by toggling a class and triggering an event in analytics (437)

SPAs and PWAs should duplicate the store and the routes

For the sake of being DRY we've made single-page applications and progressive web apps too DRY. In order to offer a better user experience we need to stop considering the client-side and server side store and routes as logically related. (927)

Further details


Engagement is looking really promising with 95% of users that land on page swipe at least once and 50% swipe more than 3 times. Average session duration is also an impressive three minutes.


The project is just in it’s infancy and focus now is on providing it with suitable marketing for growth.


It’s profitable (because it takes less about $5 to run) and generates revenue through affiliate links.


The biggest challenge is marketing at the moment.

From a technical perspective. standardization of the categories is extremely difficult. Originally several retailers were supported but that resulted in a very fragmented catalog. I implemented a mapping mechanism for categories between different retailers however it ended up being very time consuming. I abandoned that approach in order to have a more automated platform. The end result meant that I had to abandon other retailers and only Zalora products are shown at the moment.


The name means shuffle in Indonesian and Malay a nod to the fact that cards are being swiped.