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Potential uses of licence place recognition

Licence plate recognition is quite solid. It’s accurate, fast and cheap. It should be used more often.

Here are some other ideas:


The most obvious of use cases: immediately load the service record.

Petrol stations

When a registered car pulls in, automatically unlock the pump and bill it to the account.

Drive through

Immediately load the customers loyalty rewards. Make a game of visiting the most locations with the same car.

Gated housing

Besides the obvious owner access, guests could also be registered so the owner could be pre-emptively asked for approval.


When a truck is going out on a delivery, automatically save it to the deliveries it carries.

When a vehicle that isn’t yours approaches, preload a list of orders that could be picked up.

If it’s a known supplier, preload the specific order that they’re expecting. If it isn’t known, then enter it manually and it will be known next time.

If it’s a 3PL truck, preload all the orders that are to be sent in preparation to mark them as picked uo.

In general

Basically, the system functions well as an early warning. By placing it a few minutes before the destination an alert can be triggered that would allow time for preparation to take place.

Boxes could be brought to the loading dock or the loading dock could be cleared. The owner could get a push notification and approve visitors before a queue is formed.

A use case where this would result in sufficient savings (of time or money) would probably result in a decent business.

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