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F1 Youtube Channel as an Example of Good Content Marketing

I used to like F1 but just lost interest over time.

Recently I checked out their Youtube page and I must say that the way they post content really made me excited again, regardless of what the season may look like.

A few things that make it good:

1. They post nearly complete content

They have the pre and post race interviews and press conferences. They post practice highlights. They post qualifying highlights. A few hours after every race they event post highlights that are quite complete.

Overall I was able to follow quite a lot of the season just by watching the Youtube channel.

I’d never leave because I’m frustrated that they aren’t showing the best parts or are asking for money for the best parts.

2. They don’t try to upsell agressively

They aren’t always pushing one service or another and in fact I had to go to their site to find out about streams etc. The videos themselves never mention it.

I’d never leave because they’re full of advertisements but it’s really not difficult to find their service if I wanted to.

3. They have just the right amount of tangential content

The amount of content that isn’t the race weekend specifically is just right. It’s difficult to quantify since they fill the week with videos that are from the previous race which is even better but when there is filler content it’s never more then the actual content.

I’d never unsub because of the amount of content that is irrelevant.

Overall I think it exemplifies what good content marketing is about. It’s genuine, it provides value by itself, it isn’t too pushy but in the end is marketing and does generate conversions or increase loyalty.

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