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Complete list of ipay88 payment ids


Note that this is not taken from their documentation but from inspecting an iPay88 page that the user is redirected to.


These are the options that are available from the dropdowns in the iPay88 page.

Method ID
Visa/Master 2
Online banking 16
Boost 210
Grab 523
Maybank QR Pay 542
MCash 244
eNETS 382
ShopeePay 801
TnG 538
VCash 243

Malaysian Banks

The user will have to select a bank once the FPX option is selected.


Bank ID
Maybank2U 6
Alliance Online 8
AmOnline 10
RHB Online 14
Hong Leong Online 15
CIMB Click 20
Web Cash 22
Public Bank Online 31
PayPal (MYR) 48
Credit Card (MYR) Pre-Auth 55
Bank Rakyat Internet Banking 102
Affin Online 103
Pay4Me (Delay payment) 122
BSN Online 124
Bank Islam 134
UOB 152
Hong Leong PEx+ (QR Payment) 163
Bank Muamalat 166
OCBC 167
Standard Chartered Bank 168
CIMB Virtual Account (Delay payment) 173
HSBC Online Banking 198
Kuwait Finance House 199

Corporate accounts

Sidenote: we experienced an issue with two step approvals not triggering the backend URL properly. For a while, we had to follow up after orders were made by users that we knew were using corporate accounts with two step.

Bank ID
Affin Bank 273
Alliance 272
Ambank 277
Bank Rakyat 271
CIMB Bank 274
Hong Leong 278
HSBC 282
Kuwait Finance House 283
Maybank 276
Muamalat 281
OCBC 285
Public Bank 279
RHB Bank 280
Standard Chartered Bank 286
UOB 270

Foreign credit cards

Note that this is a separate approval process and you might not have access to these.

Method ID
Credit Card (USD) 25
Credit Card (GBP) 35
Credit Card (THB) 36
Credit Card (CAD) 37
Credit Card (SGD) 38
Credit Card (AUD) 39
Credit Card (MYR) 40
Credit Card (EUR) 41
Credit Card (HKD) 42

Correct as of 01.07.2020 (didn’t update it since then)