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March 08, 2021

SPAs and PWAs should duplicate the store and the routes

For the sake of being DRY we've made single-page applications and progressive web apps too DRY. In order to offer a better user experience we need to stop considering the client-side and server side store and routes as logically related. (927)

December 11, 2019

The Prune Date

Features come and go frequently during the lifetime of a product. Except that they often don’t actually go but just stop being used.I still (mostly) prefer The Majestic Monolith... (546)

December 02, 2019

How to decide where to start building from

“What should we do first?” is always asked when developing a new thing. It’s deceptively simple but can be answered differently depending on who you ask and what you’re building... (374)

April 27, 2019

ActorModel pattern in Rails

Something I’ve been using that I’ve referred to as ActorModels. Not sure if I’ve seen it documented elsewhere.Basically, it’s subclassing a model based on who’s using it and kee... (438)