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Battling inequality with a leaderboard


Once a person earns a specific amount of money they keep earning not because they need it, but because it becomes a scoreboard. It tells them how much better they are than others and how much they have to work so that they can consider themselves better than someone else. A measure of success.

So, I propose a system in which instead of extreme taxes on the very rich, once a person earns achieves a high enough net-worth, it stops increasing and they join an actual leaderboard.

For the sake of argument lets say that once a person achieves a net-worth of $30 million, they get a fixed income of $1 million per year (3%) for the rest of ther lives.

After that, they join the high net-worth leaderboard and every dollar they earn other than the $1 million fixed salary counts as one point. But it goes to a central institution that works on eliminating equality.

Points contribute towards your rank in your regional and global league. Each rank has a distinct title or prestige and honor. And visible cosmetic perks that show off the persons rank.

The current generation of the insanely rich would definitely not be on board. But perhaps it might be a good idea to implement it for the ones yet to be born.

In a hundred years there’d be no insanely rich and no inequality.

A dream about a utopia to start off the new year.