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It's the little things

#design #polite #product

It’s the little things that separate the normal from the delightful.

They’re often the result of careful consideration when trying to answer: “And after this the user would want to…”

Some examples:

In Google Podcasts when you pause an episode and then unpause it, it will play from a few seconds prior to when you paused so that you can recall the context more easily.

In Supplybunny, for admin, nearly everything has two buttons: Save and Save and add another. Clicking the second button saves it and immediately returns to creation screen and in some cases certain fields are prepopulated from the previous entry.

Gmail detects text such as “in the attachment” and then shows a popup if the email has no attachment.

In another projects I worked on there was a form that had a dropdown field and a text field. Selecting an option from the select would focus the text field. Since the user has already made an input it’s safe to assume that they’d want to complete the second field right after.

Spotify’s one device limit.

I’m trying to be more aware of the little things.