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Happens to the best of us

(e: 2021-08) I’ve just realized that this is actually “Error’d”.

Even the best of us test in prod

(30.09.2021) Ipay88

Ipay incorrect SMS

(14.09.2021) Google’s CSS breaking because of a long name

Google's CSS breaking because of a long name

(10.09.2021) Gojek

Gojek card erroring

(31.08.2021) Coinbase

Coinbase sends notification to prod

(14.06.2021) Traveloka

Traveloka strings not set in prod

(14.04.2021) Rollbar

Rollbar test data in prod

(20.03.2021) Rakuten Trade

Rakuten Trade sort making no sense

Alphabetic I guess?

(02.21.2021) LEL (Lazada Express) Tracking

LEL tracking returning 502

(02.18.2021) Tokopedia again

Doesn't set the initial text of their emails

(02.17.2021) Tokopedia

Tokopedia returns 502

(06.07.2020) IATA isn’t immune either:

IATA Travel Center down

Ourshop has some nice products:

Ourshop test products

This affiliate network has an interesting advertiser:

Test advertiser

Interesting event that Facebook’s having:

Test event for testing

Oh no:

Test event for testing

Test event for testing

This lead to an Eventbrite test event page that I didn’t screenshot.

So, what’s your point?

My point is that even huge companies that have quite literally a millions of times more resources aren’t perfect.

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