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Experience with an `eScooter` service

OK, so I tested going to the office.

The distance is 1.6km so almost exactly one mile.

This is RM6 by Grab or walkable in about 20 minutes. There is a slight hill going there. If it’s not hot this is a nice walk.

Getting there took 12 minutes, coming back 9. This is RM6.60 and RM5.70. This is to nearest entrance to building, and to nearest parking spot (both of which take a few minutes additional walk).

Grab on the other hand is RM6-7 from my house to main entrance.

So, the way I see it either the scooter needs to be faster or it needs to be cheaper.

The weekly pass at RM38 makes it much better price-wise but when you take into account the walk to the parking spot plus the fact that you have to spend some effort I don’t think I’m convinced just yet. Probably still need to be faster.

If the pass was RM78 it’d not be worth it for me.

App itself lacks some polish sure, but nothing too bad, I’m sure it’ll be sorted out. Other users on Google Play mentioned the GPS sometimes isn’t accurate and it failed to stop the ride once, that’s true but it got sorted out in a bit. 3 stars is the exact rating of my experience. Might be better if you’re in a flat area.

Update: 20.02.2019 It seems they’ve removed all the scooters from nearby my area.